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FIGMATION is an on-line specialty store that provides a large variety of distinctive merchandise for your entertainment.

Our Mission

To provide a large variety of distinctive merchandise and the best quality service for our customers to acquire their desire for any entertainment needs.


Newly established in 2012, FIGMATION strives to be the best on-line retailer to cater to all your entertainment needs. Our on-line store offers exciting features and functionalities to reflect product information, convenience and customer service. We aim to provide a unique on-line shopping experience for our customers.

Our various interest groups provide a place for customers who share common interest to gather and discuss about what they like.

Please do come join us in our groups:

- Our Fairy Tail Guild

- Our Gaming Clan

- Our Hall of [TV, Movie, Character Figures]

- Our One Piece Crew

- Our Transformers Alliance

Our FIGMATOR’s Corner: A place where you might chance upon some rare and unique merchandise! It is a place specially set for our customers who want to put up their own merchandise for sale.</span></p>

FIGMATION aim to achieve 100% customers’ satisfaction by providing fast delivery and great prices for all our customers

What is a FIGMATOR and a FIGMATOR’s Account?

FIGMATOR is an identity given to a customer who has become a member to our FIGMATION’s website. FIGMATOR’s Account is an account at FIGMATION which allows FIGMATOR to enjoy the following benefits:

- Able to check their order status online.

 - Enjoys free email alerts on new releases of merchandise

- Able to consign their collection to the FIGMATOR’s Corner

- Able to purchase merchandises from our website.

- Able to source for item(s) that is/are sold out or not available in our store

How to set up a FIGMATOR’s account

1. Our One Click Social Network Connect feature was specially developed to enable a fast and easy way for you to sign up your account. Simply by clicking on any of your preferred social network icons, your account will be created in an instant. This feature gives great convenience to our customers

2. You can click on Log in to create an account

Why do some products have multiple price tags?

a. On 13th February 2013, a new base in Japan was established to provide a wider range of products for our customers thus some products will have multiple price tags.

Customer will be able to select the different versions of the product through the pull down menu which is located on the product page. An example is shown below:

All Japan version products are imported from our Japan base. Singapore customers please kindly take note that the price tags for all Japan version products are not inclusive of the shipping fee from Japan to Singapore. The shipping fee will be billed to you separately upon the arrival of the products in Singapore. 

b. Some products have different editions. For example, a same product will have 2 editions, one normal and one is special edition which come with an additional accessory, part etc. thus the product will have multiple price tags. An example is shown below:

Do I need to pay any deposit or payment when I want to place a Pre-Order for a product?

a. Most products in our store do not require our customers to make any deposit or payment when they want to Pre-Order them. Customers will only need to made payment upon the arrival of the product they Pre-Ordered. An example is shown below

b. However, we do have some products which will require our customers to make full payment of ONLY the product price upon Pre-Order. They are mentioned as below:

a. Japan version products

b. Products which require full payment upon Pre-Order

What are the available modes of payment?

a. Bank Transfer

Please kindly take note that payment via bank transfer must be made on that day when the order is placed. This mode of payment is only available for Singapore customers

b. PayPal

Please kindly take note that PayPal fee applies when using this mode of payment

c. Western Union. 

Please kindly take note that Western Union fee applies. 

When do I need to pay for my Pre-Order’s shipping fee?

Payment of the shipping fee will only be required upon the arrival of the product you Pre-Ordered. An email containing the various shipping methods with their respective shipping fees will be sent to you for your selection. Once payment is made for the selected shipping fee, orders will be shipped to you in 3 days

How do FIGMATION fulfills your Pre-Orders when stock shortage occurs?

a. Orders will be processed for collection or shipment immediately once it arrives at our warehouse.

b. All Pre-Orders and Back-Orders will be processed immediately upon arrival of products. Stock shortage is very rare but if stock shortage ever occurs, orders are allocated to those who have made full-payment first. Subsequently, “Pay upon Arrival Customers’ will receive their goods chronologically, on a first come-first served basis. Time stamps upon receipts or purchase orders, will be recorded in case of any disputes that may or may not arise.

Do I have to pay if I want to place a Back-Order?

Payment of both the product price and shipping fee will be required when you place a Back-Order. Estimated time for the arrival of all products that are on Back-Order varies from 4 to 6 weeks. 

Can I cancel my Order?

FIGMATION will not accept any cancellation for any reasons. Information of our cancellation policy under the Terms and Conditions is shown below for your reference.

8. Cancellation

a. FIGMATION will not accept cancellation for any reasons. 

b. Cancellation of Pre-Orders will result immediate termination of account and use of FIGMATION's Service. 

c. In the process of terminating account, all pending orders or pre-orders will be void.

d. All payments made prior to termination of account will be forfeited.

e. FIGMATION reserves the rights to take legal action against you to claim back all existing orders payments, all sums due, accruing due or payable to us in respect of the Services upon termination.

f. Customers will be responsible for all reasonable expenses and legal fees incurred by FIGMATION in collecting back all existing orders payments, all sums due, accruing due or payable to FIGMATION. 

What are the collection/delivery options for Singapore customers?

a. Orders can be picked up at Haw Par Villa or Harbourfront MRT station.

b. Free home delivery will be provided for orders above SGD$500.

c. Delivery is possible if we are passing by your area for other deliveries. Customers can opt for this delivery option if they do not mind the waiting period.

e. Singapore customers have 7 days to collect their products upon arrival. All collections made after 7 days will be disregarded and consider as cancellation of orders. Information of our cancellation policy can be found in Point 8 of our Terms and Conditions.

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