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Imaginarium Art IRON MAN MARK XVII

Imaginarium Art IRON MAN MARK XVII


Product Size: Approximately 131 cm tall (including base)

Weight: About 30 kg (including base)

Edition Size: 448 pieces only

Retail Price: 2,200 SGD 

Material Used: Fibre Glass


It may not have the best packaging around, but i feel its enough for the product to get everywhere safely, after all the point of the packaging is to get you the product safely without any problems so i wouldn’t worry too much about it.                 


Fun Facts

   We all remember the scene in the docks from Iron Man 3, Mark 17 was the first to arrive in that scene to help Tony Stark defeat Aldrich Killian, due to its popularity as well as positioned in the middle of the other suit "army", it has been considered by the community as the leader of the Iron Legion.

   First armor ever to feature an oversized Unibeam and chest piece.

   Mark 17 is one of t he six un-lockable armors as part of the „Iron man 3 Unlock The Armors” promotional event for the movie, released alongside the Mark 33, Mark 35, Mark 38, Mark 39 and Mark 40 armors.


Character Design/Concept: 9/10

   The Mark 17 (Mark XVII) also known as "Heartbreaker" is one of the Artillery Level RT Suit created by Tony Stark as the leader of the Iron Legion. Featured in "Iron Man 3” making its debut when Tony Stark ordered J.A.R.V.I.S. to initiate "House Party Protocol” activating the Iron Legion lead by our very own Mark 17 to help Tony Stark in his battle against Aldrich Killian.

   I personally just love the pose they used, look at him feeling confident ready to face-off everything the villan world has to throw at him, even if this is not my favorite pose its by far one of the best they could pick for this masterpiece.

Base/Diorama Design: 7/10

   For something as special as this piece i expected more from the base design, this is pretty simple and straight-forward and usually this is a good thing but for some reason i feel like they should have added some details to it.

   However the colours are very well chosen, using red with a gold outline it really fits with the rest of the design, they also made the dirt/rocks in the groud fit in making them goldish colour making it really feel like one piece, overall the base is not bad but i feel the effort put into it is not that great.

Overall Sculpt: 9/10

   An amazing piece to own overall, feels like if you own one of these, you must spend like 1 hour everyday admiring it, even so i think its not enough, it deserves more. The level of detail on this piece is absolutely astonishing making a delight just to stay and watch this masterpiece, at any given moment you feel like it will start moving, yes, this is how great this looks.


Paint Application: 10/10

   Paint-wise they did an amazing job and i could not be more pleased, almost instantly you can notice the level of effort put into this as its not an easy job, and you can clearly see the details we’re not overlooked.

Presence: 9/10

   Being so close for a 10/10, i rated this section as a 9/10 just because of its base being good and not great. Giving more though on that area would surely reward the fans more, base should never be overlooked since its an important as every other aspect of each piece.

Conclusion: 9.5/10

   Any owner should be very proud if they have such a piece in their own collection and it should be displayed correctly, as Mark 17 was meant to, in the center, as a leader.


A graphic designer with a deep passion for superheroes, movies and everything else related to creativity.

Posted on 12/21/2015 by Simox187 Home 0 5380

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