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XM Studios Thanos Statue

XM Studios Thanos Statue


Product Size: Approximately 57 cm tall
Edition Size: 999
Retail Price: 899.90 SGD
Released Date: November 2015
Material: Crafted from cold-cast porcelain
Artists: Studio HIVE (Design & Concept), Alejandro Pereira Ezcurra (Sculpt), XM Studios

You can get the rest of the information at:


Just by unboxing this, you can tell the pride and effort that goes into these statues. I mean, even the packaging is really well done! Super premium-feel yo!


Fun Facts

1. Thanos Copter!

You know, lol.

Thanos Copter

2. Inferiority Complex

As powerful as he was, he has an inferiority complex. I find this intriguing and it really shows the psyche and depth of this particular villain.

Inferiority Complex



Character Design/Concept: 8/10

Arguably one of the greatest villains in the Marvel universe, there was absolutely no doubt that XM Studios HAD to produce a statue of Thanos, especially since he will be featured in upcoming movies too. Unless of course, they make him out to be a total loser in the movies (*cough-cough* Ultron).

Personally, love the concept. After all, Thanos is one of those characters who just has to stand there, and BAM shit happens. “He wiped out half the life in the universe with a snap of his fingers” Therefore a museum pose of him is perfect, showing off his power and majesty. Hell, I’ll even imagine him snapping his fingers.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks so. Evident by the demand of this beast. Sold-out in seconds when XM opened the Pre-Order for it, and aftermarket demand has been strong since.

Giving this an 8/10 rating, had to knock off points because although it’s really great, it’s essentially a museum-pose Thanos with his Infinity Gauntlet. Can’t give a perfect rating for that you know, I’m not that easy ;)

Character Design/Concept: 8/10

Quick Comparison of Concept-to-Production, AMAZING. Picture on the left is also an Art Print included with the statue.

Base/Diorama Design: 8/10

For those who don’t know, there was an early concept for the base. Sadly, it was rejected 
Base/Diorama Design: 8/10
XM Thanos, early concept.

And then, it was initially changed to…

Feedback from fans was not spectacular for this.

Thankfully, this was the final production base.

Honestly, I would have given the early concept a close to perfect score if it was approved and made it to production, but heyyy we can’t have everything we want in life, and the good thing about XM Studios is that they take their fans’ feedbacks seriously.

Really appreciate the references to Thanos’s love for Death, who actually doesn’t have a gender but appeared to him in some sort of female form. (Don’t judge him! Love is blind….). The skulls scattered around add to this death-themed base, and to me they also show just a small fraction of the “tribute” he gave to Death to try and impress *her*.

Giving this an 8/10 rating as well. It’s a simple base which is very fitting for Thanos, just needs some extra ommmphf to make it REALLY great. (Gotta find my own broken shield, Mjolnir, Iron Man helmet). I know it wasn’t approved and it isn’t XM’s fault, but sorry 

Overall Sculpt: 9/10

WOW. And I’ll say it again, WOW!

I am absolutely sure that anyone who has one of these in-hand will be EXTREMELY PLEASED with their piece. I mean, just look at it!

Overall Sculpt: 9/10

The head sculpts are all very well done and really, I am unable to find a single complaint about all of them. The textures and expressions are spot-on, just amazing!
The main body is also extremely well-done. I’m not a fan of overly-exaggerated muscle definitions and I’m glad XM doesn’t do that. Body and thighs have just the right amount of muscle density that isn’t off-putting (to me) and gives it the right “feeling” of Thanos.

Look Ma! No helmet!

Some collectors online raised the point that the statue was hollow and felt light. Honestly it didn’t occur to me until the point was raised, but I suppose it COULD be slightly heavier. It’s definitely not a deal-breaker for me, and neither will that affect this review in any possible way.
I’m 100% fine with the weight, and the total shipping weight is under 20KG so it really helps international collectors save on shipping cost. Additionally, XM did clarify this point here:,-solid,-egg-shell-etc.aspx

I do however have a slight problem with the infinity gems. Would have been super duper cool to have lighted-up gems, sadly XM doesn’t do light-ups if they are not removable or easily replaceable (smart decision by-the-way and I totally understand).
I also respect their decision to use real Cat-eye gemstones for the gems, but to me they are quite dull and need very good lighting to bring out the colour and shine in them. Damn.

Eat my gems bitchessss 

Paint Application: 9/10

The paint application is great! Quality-wise it looks a little lesser than XM’s previous releases, but it’s really more of a “feeling” than a quantifiable factor. If I had to nit-pick, I guess the black lines could be cleaner or more refined, some are uneven even along a straight line.
Paint Application: 9/10

Look at his cute smile, how can you say no to this?!

Presence: 9/10

I feel this category is important for our statues. I would define this as how impressive it looks by itself or how outstanding it is when displayed among other statues.
In this regard, this guy is amazing and cries out for attention. A very imposing and impressive statue that will be a main-stay in my collection. Simply magnificent.

Conclusion: 8.5/10, BEAST

With a 9.5 - 10 being a Grail, and 5 - 6 being a Pussy Cat.
This is truly a Beast that will find its place in anyone’s collection and display. Love almost everything about it and there’s a sense of pride that swells up in my geeky side whenever I look/talk about it.


—About the Author—

Augustus is a geek-next-door kinda guy and a collector of sorts. When he's not busy sorting through his collectibles, he can be found grabbing some grub around town or catching the latest movies.

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