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Tsume Whitebeard 1/7 Scale Review

Tsume Whitebeard 1/7 Scale Review


Weight: Approximately 9kg
Edition Size: 100
Retail Price: 369€ (Euros)
Released Date: Feb/March 2016
Material: Crafted Resin
Artists: Mickael Gros & Guillaume Hemery (Paint), Cyril Farudja (Sculptor), Cyril Marchiol (Supervisor),  Tsume

You can get the rest of the information at:

Character Info

Name: Edward Newgate aka Whitebeard
Gura Gura no Mi – Tremor Tremor Fruit
Heavy polearm aka bisento (wish he had a super cool name for his weapon, but nope L )

Fun Facts

1. Whitebeard.. doesn’t actually have…. A beard!? :D  

It has to do with the fact that his Japanese name is: Shirohige (Shiro = white, hige = facial hair).
Well lucky for us that the English translators didn’t think Whitefacialhair was a cool name. lol! That would have been sad!!  

2. Pay your respects to Whitefacialhair! Whitebeard!

Universal Studios Japan ACTUALLY built the tombs of Whitebeard and Ace. I definitely need to go there and pay my respects! :D SUPER COOL YO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More info and pics here:

Main Review

Character Design/Concept Rating: 8/10

Whitebeard is one of my favourite characters in the One Piece world (more so than even some of the Straw Hat crew members), so I’m sure all of you can imagine how elated I was when Tsume decided to produce a statue of him. AHHHH!!!  

I love Tsume’s design of him. No elaborate base is needed because Whitebeard IS DA BOMB. Just him, his bisento, and a very nicely executed Kabutowari. :) I must stress that Tsume has done a very very good job showing off his powers.

For a quick reference, I took a picture off the anime, episode 484, which shows him preparing a Kabutowari on Akainu. In the anime it looks like a transparent white glob. BUT, take a look at what Tsume has accomplished! :)

LOVE IT! GREAT JOB TSUME!!! Hehe fanboy moment.

Quick Comparison of Anime-to-Production.

Base/Diorama Design Rating: 6/10

Sorry, didn’t manage to take a picture of the base, used Tsume’s online web one for this.

Honestly, I can’t say much about the base. It’s very simple, practical and doesn’t take the focus away from the character.  

Basically it’s just some rocks, and he’s standing on it…. Tadaaa :D

While I acknowledge that that he doesn’t really need a base or a fanciful diorama (cough-cough  Nico Robin), it is a category in my review and I have to cover it. So there you go!

Overall Sculpt: 9/10

A picture paints a thousand words, so here’s one to start things off :)

Do I have to say more?!!?.........

Ok fine I will. Look at that beautiful manly body! I’m gonna list down some points because it’s too hard to focus on them!

  •          Muscles are really well-defined. I look at my own abs (I really mean the non-existence of it) and I cry to sleep every night now… :’(
  •          Manly scars you wish you had to impress your babe with manliness.
  •          Manly popping veins to show off your arm muscles(or lack thereof in my case)

Even his cloak has textures on the inner side of it, goes to show that Tsume has really put effort into the entire sculpt, even these little details.

At the correct angle, it looks like he’s just about to land a super-powered punch onto some really unlucky guy. BOOM BAMZX! ouch buddy, ouch.

Heck, even his coat was done well and shows the flow as he’s going in for a hit.

Just look at the magnificent flowy cape. 

Look at those sleeves floating in the air, just perfect :) Really helps to add some dynamism to the overall feel of this statue. Yummeh.

Tsume even did a wonderful job on Whitebeard’s bisento, check it out! :D

Seriously, can’t complain about the overall sculpt of this statue, so it gets a 9/10 from me!

Paint Application: 7/10

The paint application is good. Not super great, just like a 7/10 good. If you look closely at my pictures you can probably see some small defects here and there. Some bleeding lines, smudges etc.

If I had to compare, it would probably be somewhere in-between Sideshow & XM Studios in terms of production paint quality. They did well adding some shading to the cape and the body muscles though, appreciate that!

Presence: 7/10

I feel this category is important for our statues. I would define this as how impressive it looks by itself or how outstanding it is when displayed among other statues.

In this regard, this is THE WHITEBEARD that we’re talking about! A one piece fan SHOULD NOT be missing on on this guy!!! I would even forgive you if you skipped Usopp or maybe even Zoro, but not this one ;)

I would have liked him taller to be honest, he’s leaning/slouching downwards and loses in terms of presence when displayed with the rest. He’s supposed to be BIG AND AWESOME if you get what I mean! With him leaning down he looks smaller and will not be as outstanding with the rest of the line.

If and when Tsume gives us a statue of Ace (HEAR ME TSUME!), this pair will be like my dream One Piece statues to get! And a great reminder of what an epic arc the “Marineford Arc” was. RAWR. That’s my favourite arc to this day, would love to have some great memories of it :)

Conclusion: 7.5/10, Yonko!

With a 9.5 - 10 being the One Piece, and 5 - 6 being a Usopp *cough cough pussy cough*

This guy is a Yonko-level statue that every One Piece collector must have, especially if you’re intending to collect the entire One Piece HQS line! Tsume has done a wonderful job capturing Whitebeard in statue form, and I am very happy I managed to get one to do a review on.

Thank you Tsume for giving us such amazing statues for One Piece fans all around the world, I think I can safely say that on behalf of everyone, GIVE US MORE!!!!!

—About the Author—

Augustus is a geek-next-door kinda guy and a collector of sorts. When he's not busy sorting through his collectibles, he can be found grabbing some grub around town or catching the latest movies.

Posted on 04/06/2016 by Augustus Home 0 4088

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